United States

Marius N. Stan, M.D., is a consultant in endocrinology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN since 2007. He completed his endocrinology fellowship at Mayo Clinic Rochester and then obtained a master’s degree in clinical and Translational Research from Mayo Graduate School. He is Associate Professor in Medicine and is the current Chair of the Thyroid Core Group for the Division of Endocrinology at Mayo Clinic. He combines clinical work with clinical research. He is primarily working in the area of autoimmune thyroid diseases, with a specific interest in Graves' disease, Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and Pretibial Dermopathy. He has been the PI or Co-investigator for a number of clinical trials targeting these disorders. He is a member of the ATA Taskforce focusing on the evaluation and management of hyperthyroidism and the taskforce dedicated to TED management. The second main area of research relates to management of thyroid nodules through radiofrequency ablation (RFA). This involves benign toxic and non-toxic nodules as well as thyroid carcinoma. Dr. Stan's research aims to identify novel disease prognostic markers as well as new therapies for these conditions.