United States

Dr. Hernandez graduated in Organic Chemistry and did his Ph.D. In Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, in Spain., working on thyroid hormone metabolism and action in brown adipose tissue under the mentorship of Dr. Maria Jesus Obregon. In 1997, He then moved to Dartmouth medical school in the United States to do several years of postdoctoral training and then became Assistant Professor in 2003 investigating the pathophysiological significance of the type 3 deiodinase under the mentorship of Drs. St. Germain and Galton. In 2012 he moved as Faculty Scientist II to Maine Medical Center Research Institute, where he is now a Faculty Scientist III. In recent years, Dr. Hernandez is using mouse models of altered exposure to thyroid hormones to understand their effects on the developmental, intergenerational and epigenetic programming of endocrine, neurological and behavioral outcomes.