Edna T Kimura

Edna T Kimura MD, PhD is a Full Professor at the Department of Cell Biology and Development, Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICB), University of São Paulo (USP). She graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto - University of São Paulo, obtained the Master and Doctorate degrees at the Paulista School of Medicine – Unifesp (1988-1994), and did a research fellowship in the Inselspital, Switzerland. She joined the ICB-USP in 1994, where set up a academic Laboratory dedicated to the research of thyroid gland. While doing sabbatical in Dr James Fagin´s Lab at the Cincinnati University in 2002, she first described the BRAF mutation in thyroid cancer. The major research interest in her research group is related with thyroid gland physiology, goiter and thyroid oncogenesis focusing in the role of coding and non-coding genes (microRNA).